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Jason Profit’s psychic development class takes you on a journey to help you discover your own inner potential.

Online Psychic Development Class: Hi, my name is Jason Profit. For nearly a decade I have been teaching an odd little class to my clients and fans. If you have been looking for an easy to understand online psychic development class then you have found the place!

As professional psychic reader, my clients regularly ask me how they can learn more about their own psychic abilities. “How can I get in better touch with my intuition,” is a common question… Another one is “How do pendulums work?” Some folks are curious about things like crystal balls, numerology and even seeing auras.

Over the years, I had ended up helping numerous people find their own esoteric interest and abilities. Noticing that I often encountered similar questions about a handful of topics, I found myself answering these questions in similar manners. Naturally, I decided to see if I could come up with a way to create a class to teach folks the basics of the psychic world of which we all belong.

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Actual story about Jason Profit in Greenville Business Magazine back in 2012

Eventually I created a course that I teach, in person, several times per year. Simply called “Psychic Development Class,” this is a class that meets once a week for six weeks to learn the basics of the psychic world. The only problem has always been that this class has only been available in person. That meant that you had to set aside one night a week for six weeks to come to a real class… but THAT has now changed!

Now this isn’t some whacko class that teaches out of this world super-psychic comic book stuff… although that sounds cool. This is actually about teaching you the most basic fundamentals of how some of this stuff works. A beginners course into different types of psychic tools and phenomena.

What are the basics? Well here are a few of the topics we will be covering…

  • What is ESP and can I do it?
  • Meditation
  • How does numerology work?
  • What is an aura and how I can see them for myself?
  • Psychic healing
  • How pendulums work and how to use them
  • Astral travel
  • Psychic tools like tarot cards, crystal balls, palmistry etc
  • Clairvoyance, psychometry, and more!

The entire Psychic Development Class is NOW available online!

I want you to have the same experience as my students who come to the physical classes, so rather than cobble together some chintzy “ebook,” I went all out on this course.

Each module of this online class will be like having me all to yourself for a one on one class. The modules for each week contain videos of me teaching the material along with the very same printable notes that my real world students get in class. Some weeks even have homework!

The idea is to give you some of the basics each week, then you can practice some of what you learned before the next class. Why six weeks? Some of this stuff takes some thought and practice… I found that breaking things down into weekly classes keeps students from experiencing info overload. So in that tradition, this online class will unlock one week at a time…

I know your curiosity is growing… The good news is that class is NOW open!!

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